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Nurtured not to be impacted by internal or external forces,

Practiced to have  centered approach to reach informed decisions to undermine the importance of strengthening the Institution



Duties of the Independent Directors

The term “Independent Director” has been defined in the Act, along with few new necessities identifying new prerequisites relating to their appointment, duties, role, and responsibilities. The provisions relating to the appointment of Independent Directors are...

Professional conduct for Independent  Directors

Professional conduct The independent director according to the part I of the schedule IV must:- Sustain ethical standards. To be impartial while discharging his duties. Perform his responsibilities in the interest of the company. Allocate the necessary time...

Code of Conduct for Independent Directors

The standards and professional conduct that is expected by the directors have been laid down under Schedule IV of the Companies Act,2013. 

Evaluation of the performance of an Independent Director

Part VIII of the Code for Independent Directors provides that based on the performance evaluation report term of an independent director may be extended or he may be reappointed. The performance evaluation of the independent director is to be conducted by the entire...

Separate board meeting by Independent Directors

The independent directors of the company shall hold an exclusive meeting at least once in the financial year. The meeting shall be without the non-independent directors. All the independent directors of the companies must be present at such meetings. The agenda of the...

Selection Process of Independent Directors

Qualifications  Independent directors are directors of a company.  Independent directors are subject to the same general requirements and disqualifications as any other director.  The 2013 Act specifies specific qualification standards for independent...

Limit on the number of Independent Directorships

Limit on the number of Independent Directorships  According to section 165 of the Companies Act 2013, the maximum number of companies wherein a person can be appointed as a director shall not be more than 20 companies (including the alternate...

Remuneration of Independent Directors

Remuneration of Independent Directors. Subsection (9) of section 149 of the Companies Act 2013, expressly prohibits independent directors from gaining any stock options ( ESOP) Board Structure and duties Section 2 (10) of the Companies Act, 2013 defines the term...

Appointment & Compliance  & Role of Corporate Social Responsibility 

Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility  Compliances   –  Under Sections Section Section 135  Every company having net worth of rupees 500 crore or more, or turnover of rupees 1,000 crore or more or a net profit of rupees 5 crore or more...

Appointment and Compliance of Stakeholders Relationship Committee

Board to appoint Stakeholders’ Relationship Committee Compliances   –  Under Sections Section  178(5) & (6) The board of a company which consists of more than one thousand shareholders, debenture-holders, deposit-holders and any other security...