Commitment to the board 

  • Cater to the Time and energy the board demands  
  • Quarterly based commitment required by the effective Independent Director and chairman as Committee member and other member in committee
  • Add value to the board & work out evolution of board performance  on half yearly basics 
  • Equip himself / herself the knowledge  that the board  expect 
  • Can offset management flaws, ensure legal and ethical behaviour, strengthen accounting controls, and increase the company’s popularity through their contacts and expertise. 
  • Contribute to long-term decision-making and assist with succession planning through membership in the nomination committee, ultimately helping the company to survive, grow, and prosper over time.
  • Primary duties and responsibilities of independent directors are outlined in Schedule IV of the Companies Act, 2013. 

The code emphasises significant functions such as protecting the interests of all stakeholders, including minority holders, balancing conflicting interests, evaluating management performance, mediating between management and shareholder conflicts, and more. Independent directors are also expected to attend company general meetings and stay informed about company matters.