Learning Period : October 31st 2023 to November 14th 2023

ESCP vs ESMS understanding both from policy to monitoring as an effective tool that save guards ESS ( 1 to 10) gives broad scope of understanding how World Bank fuctions and ensures sustainability of environment and thereby helping global society at large

Title : Environmental and Social Framework – ESF Fundamentals ; CourseID: 00042020 comprise of below :

Module 1: Environmental and Social Framework, Policy and Directives 

Module 2: Assessment and Management of Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts (ESS1) 

Module 3 : Stakeholder Engagement and Information Disclosure (ESS10) 

Module 4: Financial Intermediaries (ESS9) 

Module 5: Case study 1 –  Port Redevelopment Project 

Module 6: Case study 2 – Multi-Purpose Dam Project 

Source : world bank group e-learning platform

acronoyms gone through 

ESCP – Enviromental and Social commitment Plan (ESS1 – BASICS ) 

ESS – Enviromental Social Standards (1…10) 

ERP – Emergency Response Plan 

SF  – Enviromental Social framework

ESP – Enviromental Social Policy

ESRI – Enviromental Social Risks Impacts

SEP – Stackholders Enggement Plan ( ESS10) 

ESRI –  Enviromental and Social Risjks and Impacts  

ESAR – Enviromental Social assesment Report

ToR – Term of references 

Methods and Tools 

ESEP – Enviromental and Social Engagement Plan (TOOL)  

ESIAP – Enviromental Social Impact assement Plan  (TOOL) 

SESA – Strategic Enviromental and Social Assemment (TOOL) 

EU – Environement Audit (TOOL)

HRA – Hazard  or Risk Assessment 

ESMS –  Environmental and social Management System 

FIESMS – Financial Intermediatery’s  Environmental and social Management System