FAQ 1  : Joining board – Fact checks of Independent Director 

FAQ 2  : Independent Directors Commitment to the board 

FAQ 3  : Advantages and disadvantages of Independent Directors

FAQ 4  :  Appointment Compliance  and the Role of  Audit Committee

FAQ 5  : Appointment Compliance  and the Role of Nomination and Remuneration committee

FAQ 6  :  Appointment Compliance  and the Role of Stakeholders Relationship Committee

FAQ 7  : Appointment Compliance  and the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility 

FAQ 8  : Remuneration of Independent Directors

FAQ 09 : Limit on the number of Independent Directorships 

FAQ 10  : Selection Process of Independent Directors


Importance of DIN 

Ministry of Company affairs , Government of India databank 

How Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs Certifies Independent Directors 


Manner and selection


Appointment letter  





FAQ 11  : Separate board meeting by Independent directors 

FAQ 12  : Evaluation of the performance of an Independent Directors

FAQ 13  : Professional conduct for Independent  Directors

FAQ 14  : Duties of the Independent Directors